Do Yourself a Favor, Get a Hydro Flask

Ok. Not to sound like a VSCO girl, but my Hydro Flask actually never leaves my side. Having a reusable water bottle as an on the go college student is common sense, but investing in a Hydro Flask is an absolute necessity. Spending long days walking from building to building and sitting through lectures is mentally and physically taxing. Nothing is worse than not having water or having stale, gross, warm water that has been sitting in a plastic bottle all day. Superior forms of hydration are required to be a highly functioning college student. Hence the Hydro Flask. Fill your Hydro Flask with ice and water in the morning, and find yourself with cold, fresh water throughout the entire day. Not to mention, the chic design and colors available. You might be thinking to yourself, why such a high price point for a stupid water bottle? I am here to tell you, it’s because the Hydro Flask does its job, flawlessly. The insulated technology keeps cold beverages ice cold for hours. But wait, there’s more. Hydro Flasks can do both. Sure they keep cold beverages cold, my personal preference for the use of my Hydro, but they also keep hot beverages hot. So if you are an avid coffee drinker, ditch the plastic to go cups and invest in a Hydro Flask coffee mug. If I still haven’t fully convinced you, I also have to plug the fact that Hydro Flask as a company has a charity called Parks For All that focuses on supporting public green spaces and their accessibility to the public. Do yourself a favor and get a Hydro Flask.

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