Sleeping in a Igloo

under northenr lights and the starts


For winterbreak I suggest to go to lap land which is in way up north in finland. The climate is like alaska but it is flat. Finnish  people that Sanat claus lives there aswell. The cool thing about lapland is that you can go to a hotel that all the rooms are kind of like igloos but have a glass roof so that you can see through it and see the northern lights and stars.

You can go sledding with dogs and go around the artic circle with them. There is a santas village also near by the igloo resort that you can visit. Tbnere you can ride reindeer and meet sanat this whole town is made for santa. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You can almost do anything you want to do in the winter like skiing, ice fishing. But the cool thing is the rooms and how they are in a shape of an igloo. That is the best experienxe they offer almost anywhere. There is nothing like it. There is all other things do like reindeer riding but you cannot find anywhere where you can sleep under the starts and northenr lights in a igloo. For some people that is a dream come true, Its almost like when you go there you are kid again.

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