An “A” Never Felt SO Attainable (Business Edition)

Finishing college with a good GPA in our Business school can feel intimidating. Without the proper resources, it can be hard to make calculated decisions about what classes to take to help improve your chances of a successful semester. I was in the same boat a few short years ago, but found that the right classes can have a huge impact on your schedule and workload!

SO… What class should you take?

MKT 365- Developing Breakthrough New Products is the perfect option for Marketing students looking to expand their knowledge and even other majors that need to fill a 3 credit elective requirement. Students will learn everything they need to know about turning ideas into successful products. The class is a small, yet engaging environment that offers a lot of collaboration and feedback on thoughts and ideas. 

Okay, but why should you take it?

With only one exam, bi-weekly case studies, and a semester-long project, MKT 365 offers a light course load that’s filled with material that is not just interesting, but can also be fun! Throughout the semester you are partnered with a company to create a well developed product idea and launch plan that could actually end up being used (yes, I know pretty cool)! Mike Judge is also an amazing professor that has a ton of experience in the field and makes sure to check in on students understanding to help them get the most out of his class!

When is it next offered?

Spring 2020! Make sure you plan your schedule accordingly because this class is only offered in the Spring and requires students to have previously taken MKT 300!

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