Manage your internet activity to achieve maximum studying efficiency

Today as a student, you have to actively fight all the urges of the internet everyday in order to get work done. A tip for studying is being able to manage your internet activity including social media, video streaming and other time-consuming sites.

We all know how addicting social media, Netflix, and YouTube can be. It is very easy to spend hours going down YouTube holes watching random videos and your work is not getting done. The key to limit procrastination is not shutting the internet out of your life completely. Instead, you need to create time blocks where you allow yourself to be on social media and the internet, and separate time blocks where you are solely focused on studying.

Some people try to multi-task and do work while watching shows at the same time. Personally, this doesn’t work for me because I think I’m getting work done, but I’m actually not. This strategy also allows you to keep being distracted and doesn’t set a specific time limit to your internet consumption. Being able to focus on your work is a process that every individual student needs to figure out on their own and know what works for them.

An example of how you can help you concentrate are turning off your phone or putting it on ‘do not disturb’.  Another way is to tell yourself you will not be on the internet or any apps until you are done with one assignment. Just like we schedule out the rest of our day, scheduling out your study and leisure time.

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