You NEED To Bring A Portable Charger To College

We’ve all been there – plowing away at a term paper, vigorously scrolling away at social media or quickly spiraling down a black hole of viral videos when suddenly, our device dies. Nothing kills the mood more than a dead battery. That is why it has become absolutely essential to carry a portable charger around.

As technology improves, more of our classes have become reliant on internet or laptop usage. Having a full battery has quickly become not just an essential for personal tech use, but for getting good grades as well! Carrying a portable charger around with you will quickly become essential to passing all of your classes.

Studying on the go

Personally, I prefer to study anywhere outside of my bedroom. From College Library to The Terrace, a change of scenery can prove to be incredibly helpful to creating a conducive studying environment. One downside, however, is that there can be a lack of outlets. Especially on busy days, finding a good spot with a close outlet is a scarce resource. By having a portable charger on hand, you can study virtually anywhere without having to worry about your battery life!

Helping out a friend

Even if you remember to charge your devices, that doesn’t guarantee that your study parter will. I find studying to be more enjoyable in a group setting, but it won’t work if everyone’s battery dies! Your portable charger won’t only help you to maintain a long battery life, it can help a buddy of yours too. It’s not just a nice thing to do too, it will keep your study buddies around you for longer as well!

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