Adulting can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re hours and miles away from your parents. You may glide through college with ease at first, but when you decide to actually apply for a new job on campus, or an internship, you’ll realize you don’t own a single business casual or business professional outfit. You’ll rip apart your closet realizing you have too many red Wisconsin t-shirts (if there is such a thing) and not enough dress pants and blazers. Have no fear, for JC Penney is here!

Yes, you read that right. JC Penney, while maybe not the coolest store in the world to college students, will leave your closet filled with an abundance of interview ready outfits, and leave your wallet feeling happyas well. With amazing deals year round on career wear for both men and women, there is never a bad time to go stock up. You’ll find that JC Penney sells all of the staplesanyone needs to look professional at very affordable prices. Here are the two things you need to know.

Clearance, Clearance, CLEARANCE!

JC Penney’s clearance section is huge. I find adorable tops for $10 and under often when searching through clearance. I would recommend hitting these racks first, and then tackling the higher priced goods.

UW-Madison Career Wear Sale

This past school year, UW-Madison partnered with JC Penney in which the entire store was open to only students and faculty and everyone received a huge discount. My friend even got a blazer for $6!

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