Leaving the Books Behind, but Keeping the Friends: 3 Ways to Spend Spring Break in NYC

            You don’t have to travel far for a great spring break, especially when it’s only a week long. So, why not take a trip to New York City with some college friends! It’s the perfect place to go on mini adventures throughout the city. Even if you’re already from the area, like myself, it’s a place where you could never get bored. Here are some ideas of things you should do while in NYC.

Image from Pixabay

1. Bunch

            There’s nothing I look forward to more than Sunday brunch with my friends in Madison. In New York, there are a limitless amount of brunch places that satisfy any sweet or savory tooth. Here, you can yet again sit around the table gossiping about your latest college struggles or celebrate that you don’t have to deal with them for the next few days.

2. Broadway Shows

            This is a classic in New York. Features right in the heart of Times Square, broadway shows unleash either your inner child or a wave of tears. You can check out shows like Spongebob, Frozen, and Mean Girls. Live theatre is incredibly entertaining and the music is unbelievable. Yes, Netflix is great, but it doesn’t compare to an immersive live show.  

3. Museums

            I know as an overwhelmed Freshman, you want a break from learning, but New York has a variety of museums from classical to modern. Channel your inner Blair and Serena and hang out on the Met steps with friends. Then, check out the museum where you can find arts spanning all throughout the world. At The Met, it’s like you’re stepping into history!

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