The Chapel: A Place That is Sacred for More Reasons than Just Being a House of God

The Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel, or The Chapel as it is more commonly referred to, is located on 220 W Gilman St in Madison, WI. Now, don’t go jumping to conclusions thinking that I’m crazy for saying that you are able to both relax and study in the same place because this is truly the case with a visit to The Chapel.

The friendly staff, unlimited, binge-worthy snack options and the comfortable environment make a great combination to both relax and study. I have spent many hours of my freshman, sophomore and junior year in that building, and look at me, I’m doing just fine.

At The Chapel you are able to buckle down in the quiet library, where free printing is offered, surrounded by other scholarly minds or you can relax in a big comfy chair with your friends next to a fire place or play pool in the game room.

It’s location next to state street is guaranteed to be convenient for a significant portion of UW-Madison’s undergraduates, especially you freshman located in Witte and Sellery. So, if you find yourself hitting a study lull or looking for a home away from home, check out The Chapel, it is guaranteed to never disappoint. Freshman year won’t be so daunting when you have a friendly, Chapel community there to support you whenever you need!

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