Who’s Hungry?

Looking for a place to eat?  You’re asking the right guy!  A man who loves food is ready to give some tips on where to eat from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  Starting off with the most important part of the day, BREAKFAST!  Waking up early for class; not having energy to make anything.  Head on over to the Sunroom Cafe, an amazing little restaurant with great food at low prices.  If you ever gone to George Webbs, this family restaurant will remind you of it.  But get there quickly, it fills up it’s seats real quick.

Now onto LUNCH!  Personally, I like to eat a big lunch so I’ll head over to Potbellys.  A nice sandwich joint over on the busy State Street.  Get over there for their delicious sandwiches and their signature “Oreo Shake”.  Hey, on a hot summer day here in Madison, you’re gonna need one of those bad boys to beat the heat.  But if Potbellys doesn’t sound appetizing to you, head on over to the hipster-style Colectivo.  Very smooth and tasty coffee with it’s delightful food and bakery products.

Now for the final meal of your day, DINNER!  Now since I am a big steak-lover, my cup of tea would have to be for the Tornado Room.  But for a freshmen, you wouldn’t want to go there do to the expensive prices.  BUT, there are other restaurants such as the Old Fashion that will defiantly make up for it.  With their sizzling brats and signature platters, your stomach will thank you for the delicious meal.

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