5 Ways to Avoid the “Freshman 15”

As an upperclassmen who has previously experienced the Freshman 15, I can concur that it is in fact real. Not real in the way that all freshman gain weight, but real in that the weight gained freshman year by most students is exactly the number 15. Shaving those pounds off becomes even harder when you come home for the summer after your blissful year at college to find that you no longer fit into your summer clothing. These are 5 tips that will help with avoiding the weight gain:

  1. Use the Witte/Sellery Kitchens.
    • One of the main reasons why freshman at Madison gain so much weight is because of the dining halls. Dining halls serve salads but mostly carbs, and most kids don’t want to eat a salad everyday. So, mix it up and use the kitchen once in a while.
  2. Light not dark.
    • When having a night out with friends avoid mixing “non-alcholic” drinks (because you all should be underage;)) with dark sodas such as coke or pepsi. Try mixing with soda water or even just water. Less calories, more fun.
  3. Use the free gym.
    • The beautiful thing about Madison is that we have free gyms like the serf and a beautiful trail along the lake called Lakeshore path, USE IT.
    • https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2662/3769947773_ca4382120d_z.jpg
  4. Bring snacks to class.
    • Bringing snacks helps boost your metabolism and it’ll save you from starving and craving that burger at the end of class.
  5. Set aside money each month to use on fast food.
    • Setting aside money¬† will save you from eating unhealthy foods more often and keep you accountable when you do.

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