3 Reasons Why UW’s Group Fitness Is Better Than Joining a Gym

That gym may not be your friend like you think it is, and it probably won’t help you get involved on campus or with other students, either. So, here’s 3 reasons why UW’s Group Fitness classes should be your top workout destination:

1. There’s so much variety!

Group Fitness offers 13 different types of classes between the SERF and the Natatorium, ranging from cycling, to yoga, to Zumba. This is more than other general and specialized gyms near campus can offer, and keeps your workouts fun.

2. It’s better to work out with a group.

Active.com blogger, Joe Decker, writes that working out in a group is more motivating, holds you more accountable, and creates “group camaraderie.” Going to classes will also help you meet people who love [or hate] working out as much as you do. This will all help you stay healthy during your first year as a badger!

3. College students want money for food, too…

Group Fitness is the cheapest fitness option for college students near campus and around Madison. The cost for an entire academic year is only $50, whereas it’s about $40 per month for nearby Anytime Fitness on East Campus Mall. There are tons of membership length options as well, and all will allow you to still afford that Forage salad!

Of course, general membership to UW-Madison recreational facilities is also free for all enrolled students and provides free use of cardio and weight rooms, basketball courts, and many other amenities.  But, if you’re looking for an exciting way to stay motivated, meet people, and avoid the “freshman 15”, Group Fitness is for you!

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