The Perfect Date Night at Memorial Library

It’s Friday night and you and and that special someone both have exams or papers due next week. The romantic date night you’ve been planning seems lost, until you realize that a night at Memorial Library beats any movie or restaurant in town!

Here’s what a sweet, but busy couple of love birds can do to spice things up at Memorial Library, while also getting in some much-needed study time!

Step 1

Pick up a couple of sodas and sandwiches from Potbelly’s, just a couple blocks from Memorial. Your dinner can be easily stashed in your backpacks to evade the library’s unfortunate, though strictly enforced, no-food policy.

Step 2

Next, you’ll want to stop at Walgreens for some chocolate desserts! Maybe some snickers bites or even Ben and Jerry’s if you’re feeling adventurous (and don’t mind melted ice cream).

Step 3

Now it’s time to head to Memorial! You’ll want one hand held by your dates’, and the other holding your Wiscard, which will be asked for immediately upon your arrival.

Step 4

Head to the second floor and search out the perfect spot to have your date! I suggest avoiding the stacks, famous for the Ghosts that haunt it, and hardly romantic. Perhaps the Michael B. Petrovich reading room, which provides large tables and isn’t usually too busy.

You can now enjoy your date while studying, enjoying your sandwiches, and occasionally making googly eyes at each other. Maybe share a pair of headphones playing Norah Jones, just to set a mood!

Step 5

Finish off the night with a romantic stroll around the historical manuscripts and maybe share a kiss between the shelves!

Also, keep in mind the library’s closing hours, which change during academic breaks and the summer.

Most of all, enjoy the night! And try to get some studying done:)

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