Interested in Film? Follow your interest and consider Communication Arts!

I have two simple questions for you. Are you still undecided about your major? Do you have an interest in film? If you answered yes to these two questions, you’re in luck! Follow your interest and consider a major in Communication Arts!

Not to long ago I was in your shoes. I felt lost and confused about what I would do with my future. I often thought long and hard about what specific path I should take in college, until one day in sophomore year I came across a class-Introduction to Film. I said to myself, “Film, huh? I like movies. I watch them all the time. Why not?”

I didn’t know it at the time, but the decision to take this class was the catalyst to my future endeavors. The class opened my eyes to the complex artistic form within film, and I was soon eager to learn more.

This eagerness fueled my decision to join the community within Communication Arts. From then on, I took classes and learned not only about film but also about television and radio. I made close connections with other students and even my professors who I interact with personally and through digital media platforms. I also gained valuable internship opportunities in the field of film. This community became an integral part of my student life.

So, the key takeaway for you all is to follow your interest. Once you find what you like, go with it. Become part of a community, like I did, and make your student life that much more special.

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