10 Reasons Why You Should Share an Apartment with Your Best Friend from Home

Moving into an apartment is always exciting but having your best friend there with you makes it even better!

  1. Cooking Together is Always a Party: You know each other’s favorite foods, what more could you ask for?
  2. Someone to Go Home With: Whether you are going home for a weekend or for winter break you’ll always have a road trip partner 
  3. You Have Someone to Watch Your Shows With: TV marathons can become some of the most fun times and you definitely won’t be judged when it’s time for one more episode, 4 times in a row
  4. They Know Everything About You: You can talk to them about everything and they’ll always give you the best advice
  5. They Know Exactly When You’re in a Bad Mood: They’ll always know when you need alone time, no questions asked
  6. They’re Your Home Away From Home: They can help with that homesickness that hits a few weeks after you move in
  7. They Know All of Your Favorite Foods: Get ready for them to surprise you with your favorite takeout after that rough exam
  8. You Basically Have the Same Friends: No need to worry about who they’re having over since you basically hang out with the same people
  9. They Won’t Judge You: They won’t judge you for finishing that container of ice cream after a rough day
  10. You Always Have Someone to Give You Outfit Feedback: You can count on them to always be honest when you ask them about that new shirt 

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