Making Genuine Friendships in College Through Clubs

Congratulations on your college admission! As an out-of-state student, making new friends might seem challenging, but fear not! I have a concise three-step guide to help you forge genuine friendships through college clubs.

Embrace Genuine Interest: Instead of joining clubs just to meet people, focus on ones that truly interest you. By immersing yourself in clubs aligned with your passions, you’ll connect with like-minded individuals who share your goals and aspirations.

Active Engagement: Attending club meetings is just the beginning. Engage actively by asking questions, greeting others, and getting to know the board members. Actively participating shows your enthusiasm and fosters deeper connections.

Deepen Your Involvement: After forming initial connections, take friendships to the next level. Plan activities unrelated to the club, creating opportunities to bond. Consider taking a leadership role within the club, showcasing your commitment and fostering stronger relationships.

Let me share an inspiring story. During my sophomore year, I joined the sports business club and formed an incredible bond with two board members, Abe and Logan. Our friendship grew so strong that we interned together at UW-Athletics. Recently, we embarked on an unforgettable road trip to Park City, Utah. Although it’s bittersweet as they graduate while I have a year left, maintaining these genuine friendships is worth it.

As you begin your college journey, remember to embrace genuine interest, actively engage, and deepen your involvement. By doing so, you’ll create lasting friendships that enrich your college experience. Good luck!

If you are an incoming or current UW-Madison student check out this link to find clubs that interest you!

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