Connect with Finesse to Ace Your Freshman Success

Being a freshman in college can be both thrilling and intimidating. Here are three crucial pointers to assist you get over this obstacle so you can establish lasting connections as fast as possible and establish yourself in your dorm!

Tip 1: Forget Everything You Learned in High School

Acceptance into college is literally a new beginning and a chance for professional and personal development. Let go of whatever assumptions, preconceptions, or stereotypes you may have from high school. Be receptive to new ideas, patient, and eager to pick up new skills from others. With this shift in perspective you will be able to approach new experiences with sincerity and forge real connections with your peers.

Tip 2: Embrace Dorm Life

Engage in group activities and try to get to know your roommates. Participate in social gatherings and meetings held on your floor. Participate in ice breaker activities, go to movie nights, and eat/study together whenever possible. You’ll increase your chances of making new friends and developing connections to your community by actively embracing dorm life.

Tip 3: Create a Welcoming Room Environment

This one may be daunting but is shockingly easier said than done and of course, fun! Transform your dorm room into a friendly gathering place. For game nights or informal parties, keep your door open all the time and arrange with cozy furniture, LED lights, and floor mats. This encourages a sense of community in your place of residence.

But most importantly, embrace the journey ahead! The relationships you build will shape your university experience in extraordinary ways!

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