The top 3 study hacks nobody told me about as a college freshman

When I was an incoming freshman, I had absolutely no idea how to effectively study and learn in a college setting— I didn’t know where to look. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a blog like this that listed these three essential study hacks.

As an incoming freshman, you can make your life easier by adapting these studying/learning tips and tricks!

  1. Plan ahead

Preparing your academic study schedule is essential. On Canvas, go to “calendar” and then select “adgenda”. This will help you see your future assignments and tests for the semester. Get a cute agenda, some sparkly pens, and get to planning!

  1. Establish a study space

At college, it’s way too easy to get distracted. So, make sure you find a quite and relaxing place to study and do your homework so you can consume the most knowledge. For me, it’s the third floor of the College Library (the silent section is everything)

  1. Get some rest

A warning: college is fun. While it is important to let loose and enjoy yourself, it is also essential to let your body and mind take a break. Having a good night sleep will make you more productive and happier!

Even though I’ve learned how to navigate how to handle my school work, I still forget to do these things— and that is ok! College work won’t always be easy, it’s trial and error, but with time and effort, you will be killing it.

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