The Important Music Genre for Studying

After studying for hours, it can become hard to focus. Even if you are not in a band, don’t play an instrument, or never listen to classical music, I have found that classical music is your friend when it comes to focusing on homework. 

Listening to music with words has never been helpful to me during studying. The singing gets me distracted. I transitioned to studying with classical music in high school and automatically saw changes in the amount of time I could focus. Now in college, any time I have a super long article to read, a lengthy paper to write, or a lot of homework to complete, I put on classical music and finish my tasks with no problems.

Classical music does not only improve my focus. There are studies that show it helps. For example, an article from mentioned a study that was conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine, which proved classical music can “help your brain absorb and interpret new information more easily” (Raypole 2020). 

Now that you know that classical music is actually proven to help you focus, hopefully you will give listening to classical music a shot the next time you have a huge homework load to complete. 

If you need somewhere to start, here’s a link to a Spotify playlist I use to study: 


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