Study, Study, Study

When you are studying or last-minute cramming for a test it can be stressful and hard to do. So simple ways to stay sane while studying and getting ready for your exams or tests are important to know. Simple steps you can do to get all your work done fast and well. I am going to give you my list of what you need to do to last-minute cram!×640.jpeg

Step one:

I like to sit somewhere that I can’t get comfortable like a wood stool or sitting on the ground. That way I can find myself dozing off not doing what I am supposed to do.

Step two:

Have a snack with you that you can stop eating, yes it’s bad for you but so is failing a test. Pick your battles people!

Step three:

Have a drink that you constantly drink that way you can stay hydrated and focused.

Step four:

Keep the extra devices to a minimum that way you don’t get sidetracked.

Step five:

Have confidence that you will get it all done and be happy with your results.

I hope you take my list and use it to your advantage and not get caught in a bad cycle that you can’t get out of. Use what you have in front of you and be successful and try not to procrastinate too much, it’s way too much stress and raises your blood pressure.

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