Madison Survival Guide: Study Tips

By: Grace Paar

Going to school at UW Madison is no joke and classes ask a lot from the students. There are easy ways to make learning manageable and fun, while still understanding the information.

Find a study Buddy – It is very important to find someone you work well with. Having someone to study with will help with time management and will create a fun environment when studying. Make sure this person puts in equal effort and has the same goals as you when it comes to the class.

Know where you work best – Finding the right spot to study and do your work is crucial to being successful. I was never able to study in my dorm room because I would get distracted but I found I worked best in the lounge. There are several coffee shops around campus and there is always the library if you are ready to sit and grind out work.

Put your phone away – I am the worst at saying I will check TikTok for 10 min and end up sitting on my phone for an hour. I suggest putting your phone out of sight so that you aren’t distracted and even turn your ringer on silent. this will help you focus on what your doing and everyone can use a little less screen time.

A new school can be intimidating but when forming strong study habits even the toughest classes at UW-Madison can be managed.

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