Easy Study Break Options on Campus

Being a student is stressful, so it’s important not to overwhelm yourself by not taking breaks. There’s many things to do on breaks, but here are some ideas you may not have heard of.

  1. Therapy Dogs

Often times on campus, especially in libraries, therapy dogs will make visits during finals week. I never knew this until second semester my freshman year. Simply being around dogs can lower your stress levels. There are usually postings during finals week about when and where the dogs will be, so keep an eye out for any social media posts from UW Libraries!

2. Social Media

This may not be recommended often because often times people want to get up and be active after sitting at a table all day studying. However, scrolling a while on TikTok or Instagram may de-stress you by seeing some funny content. Just make sure you’re not on the apps for too long or else you may get unmotivated to continue studying.

3. Call a Friend

When you’re studying, you’re often alone and haven’t talked to people in a while. I always find it helpful to either text or snapchat a friend between subjects or even Facetime my friends and family members just to catch up. This won’t distract you too long because if they know you’re studying they’ll prioritize letting you go after a while.

Overall, you don’t always have to get up and grab a snack and be active between studying. You can destress and take a break on your phone or by petting some dogs!

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