Study Now Party Later

Dear incoming UW-Madison freshman, listen up because I have some first-year tips for you to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by your course load. One thing I wish I found out about before I signed up for classes was MadGrades. MadGrades is a website online that gives you a breakdown of the average grades for a class by the teacher. It allows you to see which sections of the class are graded more difficult, and you can try to pick a specific teacher from there. I highly recommend checking it out when you choose classes.

Another thing you need to understand is that there are more opportunities to have fun than there are for studying. It is of the utmost importance you do not procrastinate your work until the last minute before the exam. Many people believe they can get through a class without doing the work and reading the material, but this is not the case, and I can tell you in advance you will not get a good grade. Prioritize your studies and then have fun once you finish; I promise there will be tons of opportunities to hang out with your friends. In addition, do not overload yourself with difficult multi-credit courses. I believe freshmen should take between 13-15 credits their first semester in order to get a feel for the transition. College is vastly different from high school in that there is no one to force you to do the work, and if you fall behind, it is much more difficult to catch up. Stay on top of your schoolwork!

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