Simple Tips to Get you Through

Coming to college can be scary for many reasons. One of them is learning how to complete all of your work and study so that you are as best prepared as you possibly can be. It can be a scary change from high school, but I am here to give you a few tips to make the transition easier.


This is my biggest tip for you. I recommend having a schedule planner or something that you can put all your assignments and tests in so that you can plan ahead. If you know you have a super busy week, but also have an exam, you will have enough time to prepare and get ahead of your work the week before. This way, when the time comes to study, you have a cleaner slate and have plenty of time to get the necessary studying done.


Although it may not seem like a big deal, organizing your study space is very important. Having a clean desk or area to study in makes a big difference. You need space for your computer, your textbooks, your notes, and any other accessories and articles of information that might be necessary. I like to think that if you have a clear desk, you have a clear mind. I did not value this information when I came to college, but I had a nightmare the night before my first exam. I was studying at a desk in the library, and all of my stuff was crammed onto a small desk and I spilled my coffee all over my notes. This was a huge distraction and took a lot of time to clean. Then, all of my notes were ruined!

I highly suggest that you prioritize planning and organizing of all sorts as soon as you get to school!

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