Embracing the Awkwardness

New Beginnings…

Starting college can be daunting for every freshman, especially when it comes to building a social life. In the beginning it can be awkward, but embracing that can be key to making your friends.

Getting ready for move-in day!

Introducing Yourself

Although going to events on campus with people from your dorm hall that you don’t know may seem awkward, that’s okay! It is awkward for everyone, but it gets better; and introducing yourself and getting to know those people can lead to lasting friendships that can make your college experience better.

Common Experiences

Finding things to do with a group of fellow freshman (such as your hallmates) like going to breakfast together, watching movies or going to football games together can help break the ice and reduce the awkwardness of new social connections.

Get to Know Many People

Introducing yourself to a lot of fellow students can help you to find what people you fit in with, and can help with finding meaningful social connections on campus. For instance, ‘mingling’ at a party can be helpful at getting to know a wide range of different people, and help to expanding your social network.

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