Breaking out of Introversion: Post-Pandemic Style

If your year has been similar to mine, you might have mixed feelings about making new friends after not socializing for so long. Everyone has the right to move at their own pace as things transition back to the life we once knew, and I hope some of these tips can help those that have lived an introverted lifestyle since March of 2020.

Leave the Door Open, not to be confused with the song by Silk Sonic.

One of the easiest tips I can recommend to those living in the dorms is to leave your door open as much as possible, especially the day you move in. Even though I was not brave enough to be the person walking around the halls, I was able to meet my friends because they came up to me and we hung out on that first night together. The bonds you make in the first week might be your friends for the next few years!

For those that don’t end up meeting anyone the first week, I recommend going to the Organization Fair and finding a club. Our school has so many that there is a solid chance you can find one that you will enjoy. I was able to join one for my major and I have receives information for careers in my field. They also have events where I have met other people that have similar interests to me.

Lastly, using your classes’ Facebook page to meet other people in your classes helps so much. So many of my friends were able to meet people through Facebook posts to help each other regularly with homework questions during online classes. This gives you a reason to talk to others over a common interest.

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