All About the Apparel.

It’s a Saturday morning in Madison and the streets are overflowing with students, parents, alumni, kids, and even babies and pets dressed head to toe in UW-Madison gear. Practically everyone is wearing the colors white and cardinal, repping their school’s colors to root for the football team. But the question is, where does all of the Wisconsin apparel come from?

Before I arrived on campus as a freshman, I was already preparing my closet. Throwing out my Michigan and Minnesota sweatshirts and replacing them with new Wisconsin apparel was a special moment for me. But, I only had so much. How would this supply last me through all of the different game days?

There’s no need for you to stress about your outfits for game days – I have you covered.

  • The University Bookstore

The University Bookstore will be your best friend. It’s the home to all Wisconsin Badgers gear. Plus, you can use your Wiscard to make purchases!

  • Sconnie Nation

This local business is located on State Street in Madison. The clothing racks are fully stocked with all kinds of shirts, pants, the iconic “game bibs,” and other fun accessories with much Wisconsin pride.

  • Smaller Boutiques

Lastly, many people design unique Wisconsin apparel. Look out for Redbubble, Etsy, and instagram accounts selling customized collegiate clothing, such as @shoprecessapparel. These smaller designers will blow you away with their creativity, and you will show up to game day looking trendy with school spirit.

With the assistance of these stores, you will fit right in on game day.

My friend and I outside of Camp Randall before our first Badger football game.

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