College: 3 Wardrobe Essentials That Changed My Life

After having 2 years of college living under my belt, I have learned the ins and outs of what articles of clothing are absolutely necessary. So, I thought I’d share my three biggest ‘must haves’ that helped me adapt and thrive in dorm life:

1. The Comfy

Although some may think it looks goofy, the Comfy is something that I will never be able to live without while away at college. Its versatility is unmatched as it gives you the style and feel of a hoodie, while also providing the sheer comfort of a heavy blanket. Perfect for those lazy Sundays where you just want to binge Netflix or hustle on Xbox.

2. Birddogs Shorts

Ever wake up with no underwear and zero desire to do laundry? Birddogs have got you covered! These shorts with built-in liner are stylish and great for any occasion. Working out, swimming, or going out with friends, these shorts do it all and I couldn’t be happier to own three pairs!

3. Birkenstock: Arizona Essentials

These Birkenstocks, though a tad more expensive than your normal shower shoes, are well worth the extra few bucks. They are perfect for protecting your feet from the gross dorm floors / bathrooms, yet I feel totally confident throwing them when going to class, the dining hall, or just walking around town.

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