For All My Art Junkies Out There, Binge-Watch Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design

I have always been obsessed with artists, from set designers to typography experts. I love hearing and watching the behind-the-scenes footage and step-by-step explanations of how particular art is crafted, revealing, and learning from big-name designers in the art world. Thankfully, Netflix created a docu-series that fed this desire for art and design, a show called Abstract: The Art of Design. The series looks beyond blueprints and computers into the art and science of design, showcasing great designers from every discipline whose work shapes our world.

Typically, I am not a binge-watcher, nor do I truly appreciate TV. I am more of a movie person, but Abstract: The Art of Design was another story. I would not say I was searching for a new show; it just sort of caught my eye. It was a mere 15 seconds before I aggressively turned off the lights, snuggled under my covers, and quickly moved my cursor over the play button.  

Now, I know art-related documentaries are a bit of an acquired taste, a niche binge-worthy market, but I learned so much. Some of the featured guests are genuinely inspiring and fascinating, and the cinematography is one for the books. I guess that is why I watched both seasons in under ten days. 

And here is why:

  1. Each episode covers a different artist or designer in another field, so every episode has a slightly different narrative, and the content never overlaps 
  2. The cinematography is unmatched—the visuals are enticing and breathtaking 
  3. It takes you across the globe and features tidbits of different societies and styles
  4. You learn a ton about art, design, and culture 
  5. It features a story-telling narrative
  6. It gives a glimpse into the professional world of art and design

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