A Summer to Remember

Picture this, it’s Spring 2020 and you just got sent home from college due to the emergence of Covid-19. Your freedom away from your hometown and away from your parents and siblings has been stripped from you. However, as you scroll through Netflix at home, you see a new TV show that was released on April 15. This TV show is called Outer Banks. You click on it, watch the first episode, and immediately your binge watching begins, and thus you create an alternate escape from current reality. 

The hit TV show Outer Banks premiered its first season during the beginning of the U.S. quarantine. It instantly became a top 10 Netflix pick, and continued to be on the charts through the duration of Summer 2020. The show follows a group of four teenage friends, with the addition of a 5th as the show goes on, who are on a mission to find the hidden treasure buried within Outer Banks, North Carolina. Although the show does not actually take place here (it takes place throughout South Carolina), it depicts a time when most people were confined to their homes, allowing a sense of hope and the creation of an alternate reality where people, like college students, could imagine a time apart from Covid. 

I HIGHLY recommend binging Outer Banks this summer not only because of its great actors – Madeline Clyne, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Davis, and Rudy Pankow – but also because of the multi-facet dimensions of the show, including adventure, love, drama, and mystery. Whether you’re fifteen or sixtyfive, follow the winding adventure of finding the hidden treasure!

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