Making The Most of Your First “Pre-College” Summer

The summer before your first semester of college can be full of emotions. For many, this is an exciting time to finally start to think about leaving your hometown, and taking on new challenges and meeting new people. With this also comes anxiety or sadness, knowing in just a few short months, you’ll be leaving your friends and family. While there are many things to enjoy before you head off to campus in the fall, here are my top three suggestions to enjoy before then.

Enjoy Mom’s Home Cooking: As a transfer student, I can’t speak on behalf of UW Dining services. However I’m sure they don’t come close to what is being made back at your house! Take advantage of the well cook meals while you’re still home. After living in the dorms my freshman year, I realized how much I took my Mom’s cooking for granted…

Socialize With High School Friends: When you get to campus this fall, this may be the first time in your life not going to school with kids you already knew! Take time this summer to enjoy being around your friends from high school, and make sure to find ways to stay in-touch when everyone leaves towards the end of summer.

Hit Up Hometown Favorites: Make sure you get to plenty of your favorite local restaurants, attractions, and shops. You won’t realize how much you miss them till you can’t visit them! While Madison offers great local hangouts, nothing beats your hometown hangouts.

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