Soak it Up; Prepare

From the moment you click the button to accept your admission to UW-Madison to the moment you step on campus may bring all sorts of emotion: excitement, nervousness, sadness, you name it! However, one thing that I can promise you is that you should start preparing early for this transition and soak up your last summer before leaving your family behind.

Below are some useful tips:

  1. Follow the what to bring to campus guide: not only should you analyze the list of items you should bring to campus in the fall, but you should start gathering the items early (preferably in June) as things can sell out fast when there are many rising college freshman like you!
  2. Start meeting people (even before arriving!): use the UW-Madison Facebook group for your class year to start adding other incoming freshman like you to Snapchat and getting to know them before arriving. This will hopefully ease your nervousness as you will come into college ‘knowing’ some people.
  3. Spend time with your family: for many people, leaving your family for the first time can be very sad. Soak up that time with your family before you leave by taking a trip or just spending time together by going for walks, shopping, or simply by just watching TV with them.

Following these tips will allow you to come to college prepared and not have to deal with the last minute stress of having to gather items the night before. It will also ease your nervousness if you get to know people before arriving on campus. In addition, you will get some good quality time spent with your loved ones.

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