Versailles, Escapism at Its Best

As wonderful and exciting as it is to be in college, meeting new people, and learning new things, there are times when you simply need a break.  You need to escape, and even dream a little.  At times like these, there is no better series than Versailles. This addictive period drama, aired on Netflix, is the perfect way to time travel, daydream, and get away.

Filmed at the incredible Chateau de Versailles, this show does not disappoint — in terms of pomp, splendor, intrigue, or raciness.  Versailles is a period drama, loosely based on the reign of, “the Sun King”, Louis XIV.  While it hones closely to history —in terms of characters and events — the creators have taken enough creative license to make this series a compelling alternative to everyday life.

Whether you’re into history, action, suspense, or romance, there is something in this series that’s bound to draw you in and keep you spellbound.  Plus, with three seasons to watch, there is plenty of material for at least one semester of binge watching.

The only drawback to Versailles is the fact that the show has ended — at least for now.  Unfortunately, the third season is the end of the current series.  So, if you’re dying for more, you’re bound to be disappointed.  On the other hand, if — like me — you’re easily addicted, your addiction will be of limited duration.

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