Where to Study in Madison

One extremely important thing to studying and learning successfully at UW is finding a good place (or places) to get work done. Finding the right place to study will depend on your studying habits or preferences regarding sound and distractions. This is something that can change depending on what you’re working on, so in this post, I’m going to provide study location suggestions in three categories: loud, somewhat loud, and quiet.

Michaelangelo’s Coffee Shop on State Street

Loud: Coffee Shops

If you’re able to get work done in louder places or you’re working on a group project, studying in one of Madison’s many coffee shops is a great option! My favorites are Johnson Public House, which is affordable, not super crowded, and has a great atmosphere; and Michaelangelo’s on State, which is spacious and has great desserts!

The Lakefront Lounge at the Memorial Union

Somewhat Loud: Memorial Union

The Union has lots of great study spots for all types of learners. If I want a little bit of noise but still want to get work done, I tend to study on the second floor of the union. However, the indoor area that looks out on the lake is also lovely and very scenic. The union is also a great place to study since it’s centrally located and stays open late. 

The Wisconsin Historical Society

Quiet: Wisconsin Historical Society

The Historical Society is a great place to study if you need to get work done in silence, without distractions. However, it’s also situated in a beautiful, old library, which makes the studying environment generally pleasant. One thing to note: food is not allowed inside, so you’ll have to take a break to get lunch. 

Overall, there are thousands of good study spots around Madison. These are just a few of my favorites to get started, but I encourage you to find the ones that work best for you!

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