Freshman Icebreakers: Opening The Door on New Friendships

At some point in our lives, there comes a day where we have to pack-up and leave mom and dads basement. For many it’s the day they move into the dorms as a freshman in college. Moving to college is a big change in itself. It can be nerve racking to be moving a new city, living in a dorm with people you’ve never met before! There’s a couple ways to get better acquainted with other new students, and feel right at home.

One way I did this my freshman year was keep my dorm door open when I was in it. This was a great way to start discussion with my floor mates when they were passing by. My RA even made it a competition to see whose dorm room door would be open the most the first month of school (My roommate and I got second). Another great way to get to know people is through clubs and organizations. I joined the club lacrosse team, and it was a great way to meet kids with a similar interest as me. Finally, joining a study group is also another way to make new friends. Similar to joining a club, study groups give you an opportunity to meet other students taking the sae classes with you. Making a study group with other students in your major classes can lead to friendships that last throughout college, as you progress through your major courses together. Try these tips this fall and you’ll be making new friends in no time!

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