First Year Fashion

There isn’t too much to say when it comes to dressing up for class. We are a very large school which makes it hard to have a dress code for classes. With that being said, I feel it is important to keep mind a few fashion tips when getting ready for class.
First a and foremost, being presentable is really the only dress code on campus. Look ready for class and ready to learn in classroom. Showing up well groomed, showered, and in some form of presentable clothes that match will allow you to be approachable in the classroom if someone would like to introduce themselves to you.

Secondly, it is important to understand that you should always dress in clothes that make it easy for you to learn or be comfortable in. Wearing casual clothing that is tailored to your lifestyle and your personality will make it easier to express yourself through your outfits and personal style.

Lastly, keep in mind that when people see you on campus, this may be the first and only time people see you. So many times your classes and walking around campus may be the first time someone sees you, so first impressions will be prevalent. It is crucial to make your first impressions count because you never know who is going to work with you in the future.

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