Wisconsin & Dealmoon | Happier Freshman Life With These Two Apps

Useful apps promote our happy college life and here are two apps that I would like to introduce.

Wisconsin (iOS&Android)

People living in the lakeshore cannot live without the bus 80 and 81 since it is free and convenient. Wisconsin is the official bus app of our university, which stores most bus stops and the time of the next bus. You do not need to tremble on the frozen platform during winter with this app. Meanwhile, Wisconsin is linked to other functions, such as campus activities, campus maps, etc. For freshmen who have just arrived at the school, it is definitely an excellent opportunity to learn about campus resources. A little disadvantage is that the software is relatively simple, and sometimes encounters flashback problems.

Dealmoon logo (PRNewsFoto/Dealmoon.com)

Dealmoon (iOS&Android)

During the annual Black Friday and discount season, Dealmoon has completely become the legendary North American “Burning Money” app. This app is suitable for people who buy with limited money. It will update the most comprehensive discount information in real time, including discounts from major luxury e-commerce companies and promotions from various brands. The coverage of items is beyond your imagination. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, kitchen supplies, school supplies, and even laundry detergent can be found here. The discount is also very large and attractive. Promise me, if you cannot control your hands, remember to uninstall it!

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