What’s the Deal With PicCollage?

Every dorm room has one: a cute collage of someone’s family, high school friends, or dogs. They remind every freshman of the great memories they have made at home! If you’re feeling a bit sentimental, you can simply look at your collage of pictures and feel at home again. But what about all of your new friends? Don’t they deserve a collage? I’m here to tell you about the app that will help you save the old memories and make new ones too!

What is Pic Collage?

Pic Collage is an app that creates all different types of collages for you with the click of a button! Simply select the pictures you want, and you have a new piece of art right at the tips of your fingers. You can keep it on your phone for an “on the go” moment, or you can print it out and hang it in your dorm! Every freshman can hold on to old memories and create new ones with this app. 

Not only can you make collages of your new friends, but you can also make them of everything else in your new life! So many can enjoy creating clusters of photos of their new favorite foods and places! I know I would want a collage of my go-to spots in Madison! So what are you waiting for? It is available on any iPhone or IOS device. Get collaging!

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