Watch Your Freshman Year Flash By in Short Video

Freshman year is full of so many different emotions, ranging from curiosity, happiness, anxiety, love, frustration, excitement, to so many more. It is likely you’re going to meet an incredible amount of new people, doing unfamiliar and new activities, all in a brand new place. This is a year you definitely don’t want to forget. That is why 1SE is the best app for your freshman year! (Available both on iOS & Android).

“What is 1SE?”

1SE stands for “1 Second Everyday.” The app acts as a facilitator for daily videos. The videos are like a mini-vlog entry, but the video is only one second long.

“Why Download 1SE?”

You are essentially creating a memory book with little to no work. You only have to whip out your camera for one second each day to show a snippet of what happened that day. Add up these videos from everyday as a freshman, and you can look back on your year in a matter of minutes.

“Ok, But Why Should I Care?”

There are so many apps out there that portray a filtered version of our lives. We tend to live in a world where most of our memories are a glossy version of the best days. Why not remember the worst days, or the uneventful days — just to remember. This inspires personal reflection.

“Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life.” -1SE

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