Moving to Campus and Leaving Your Car at Home: Expectation vs. Reality

Like many other students I decided to sell my car once I moved into my dorm room Freshman year. I thought “everything I need will be around campus so why should I pay for parking, insurance etc?” I even had my bike with me so I could get around a little faster.

I thought my bike was sufficient to run to the store quickly and to make it to class a little faster. The few times I needed something that I couldn’t carry on my bike were the times that I walked or took the bus. I was lucky that we didn’t get much rain that first semester, but as soon as the first snowflakes fell I realized the mistake I had made.

Photographer: Paul Vasarhelyi

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people that you’ll see riding their bikes across icy roads, but it’s not something I’ll do in order to get to class. This left me people in their warm cars while I walked by frozen and thinking about the car I used to have.

Selling my car for my first year of college really made me appreciate having had it. I’m thankful for the reminder of what it’s like to be without one and I’ve learned ways to use other modes of transportation.

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