College is Great!

Everyone before joining into college have their own expectation for how college will be and sometimes, you’re right but most of the time you are wrong. College is a great time to explore who you are socially but also find out what really interests you academically.

What I thought

Every class would be difficult

Work hard play hard doesn’t exist

File:Nov 2013 Wisconsin Badgers James White against Iowa Hawkeyes ...

I would hate because I am nowhere near home

Oh how wrong I was.


College has been the best four years of my life and there is nothing I wouldn’t change about it. Yes, there are classes that are more difficult than others but there are many more classes that are interesting to the point you don’t even think its work anymore. Crazy right?

In college, you get to have fun (Thank God!) but you also learn to buckle down and work hard on courses that you are taking. The work hard play hard dynamic is in full effect in college. On weekends a football game could bring the beast out of people but Monday through Friday, the library is where most people are calling home

You see, I’m from New York so coming to Madison was all new to me. No one from my high school came with me and I actually appreciate that now. I got to be my own person and figure out who I am. Meeting new people is the best part.

Madison is my second home and I love it!

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