Calling All Incoming Badgers!!!

While entering your first semester at UW-Madison it is always hard to make a decision on which classes to take. Throughout history, and currently, the black community in the United States has been facing forms of individual, systemic, and institutionalized racism for the past 400 years. As the University of Wisconsin-Madison has had an issue with racial inequality here on campus, it is important that specifically, white students, are encouraged to take courses on racial injustices not only across the United States, but one’s that have occurred here on campus in the past. Without taking time to learn, listen, and understand what the black community has experienced throughout our history, we can not call ourselves allies. In order to be a white-ally, you have to do your part in learning about the past, and holding yourself accountable moving into the future, but without being educated on all subjects regarding racism, ignorance often takes place.

With that being said, UW-Madison offers a course called Communication Arts 372 —Rhetoric of Campaigns and Revolutions (3 credits), which discusses public discourse as it affects and reflects the process of dynamic and social change.  This class is perfect for individuals looking for a large lecture (300 students), but it also holds small discussion sections for one-on-one learning opportunities. Throughout this course, Professor Pete not only took a look at all of the historical and contemporary instances of rhetorical processes, but specifically focused on the orators and abolitionists that started and carried the black community and their allies through the civil rights movement and afterwards. Especially at a time where change is happening, learning and educating yourselves is the best way that you can be an ally and a supportive peer to your black brothers and sisters here on campus.


For more recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! 


Best wishes,

Adi Krasniansky

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