Break out of Being Broke

As an incoming freshman, I am positive that you are aware of the financial stereotype of college students. You either are broke, are close to being broke, or will be broke throughout your entire time in school and likely will stay that way until you pay off your student loans. But don’t let stereotypes limit your financial independence. Take control of your life and step into the world of investing with the app Robinhood.

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Investing in general is something that many people find intimidating to get into. What is investing? What is the stock market? What does it mean to be invested into a company? How and where do I even begin?

Robinhood is the answer to all of these questions. This app allows you to invest into companies with the tap of a button. It provides news and expert information on the companies listed on their platform, and provides various levels of investing ability based on the knowledge that you come into the app with. Want to just buy a share of Tesla because you think the name of Elon’s child is cool? Robinhood has your back. Want to buy a call debit spread on American Airlines because you think the pandemic is over? Robinhood is there for you.

All of these complex tools are presented to you in an extremely user friendly application that makes it easy to understand how to invest in a way that was not accessible before.

No one likes being broke, so break out of your shell and learn how to make your investments do the work and not you.

This app is available on iOS, Android, and any computer with a browser.

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