The Challenge of Deciding What to Wear to Class

After attending a school that required students to wear a uniform for 12 years, you could say I was extremely excited to finally be able to wear whatever I wanted to class when college started. I thought to myself, I could finally wear all of the cute clothes I had packed away in my closet. It would be my chance to dress up and look presentable walking around campus and into the giant lecture halls. When it came time for the first week of school, I did just that. I picked out all of my favorite clothes, paired them with cute shoes, accessories, and even woke up extra early to do my hair and makeup. It only took 3 days of doing all of this and walking the miles it takes to get to and from class for me to realize that this plan of dressing up was not going to last. I soon realized after sitting in class with all of the other students that it was not necessary to wake up early to plan my outfits and get ready just to sit in multiple 50 to 75-minute lectures every day. Sleep and being comfortable is much more important than dressing up for class. As the second week of school started and I began to settle in, I discovered my love for athleisure clothing. I could still look good when going to class, but I was able to do so in my favorite sweat suits and sneakers. Ultimately, getting your college degree has absolutely nothing to do with what you wear to class and how much time you spend getting ready in the morning.

What I thought I would look like going to class.
What I actually end up wearing everyday to class.

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