Study Hard, Sleep Well

The college years can be one of the most hectic time periods in our lives. Entering into college, you will find it is not only a place for learning new knowledges, but it is also a place attaching great importance on elements that are related to success. The academic environment of college will make you get the first taste of  competition and pressure. While constantly seeking individual accomplishment and emphasizing more on being disciplined,  you sometimes have to learn to accept unsatisfactory consequence of low grades. It is stressful to make progress in academic performance, so there are many students suffer from a poor sleep quality. However, sleeping is closely connected to the ability of learning. The more you sleep, the better you can memorize and recall knowledges. If the anxiety and stress that you face in daily life negatively affected your sleep quality, an app called Pzizz is here  to help you:

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  1. Help you fall asleep quickly. This apps developed an ideal technique of psycho-acoustics and combines it with clinical sleep interventions. With the support of these scientific bases, the app provides users with sleep-friendly light sounds that will help users quite their minds and soothe their mood. In this way, it keeps users falling asleep effectively.
  2. Help focus on your work. Besides monitor and improve your sleep quality, this app also has a focus function. Playing specially-designed music in the background, the app can effectively get users to an environment of full concentration.
  3. The app is readily accessible. You can download it from the app store and use it without charge.

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