PUBG | Are You the Little Player Who Escapes the Fastest?

You could be the next mediocre little genius!

Are you looking forward to using AWM sniper rifles to attack in a thousand miles away? Or use M4 AR with 6x scope as stable as a plug-in? Have the highlight moment with the grenade? Obtain the long lost driving skills? Show off operation to flip the situation? It is time to experience a tense and exciting virtual battlefield during boring isolation time at home.

Wait, what is “PUBG”?

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, is a tactical competitive game. In the game, players parachute to an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment. Players fight in a variety of terrain. Strategy is as significant as marksmanship. During each game, a safe area would be randomly chosen, and its size decreases. The supplies obtained in each area would also appear randomly. In addition to winning the G-STAR Presidential Award and five other grand prizes, PUBG also broke 7 Guinness records.

You are afraid of being a new player?

Rest assured that the tutorial would teach and there is a Cheer Park that players could practice. Besides, players could sign in with Facebook accounts and friends of Facebook already would be in the list. It is not important to win, instead it is a good choice to gather friends, and turn on the voice to chat. One to four people can form a team, thus there is no worry about teammates. The fire is unprecedented! Download and call friends to enjoy this survival battlefield.

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