Mindfulness: the key to staying sane in adulthood

As I entered freshmen year, I knew this step in life was synonymous with entering adulthood. A lot of intimidating things happen when entering adulthood. Most incoming college students know the classic adulting things to prepare for like laundry, budgeting, healthy eating, etc. Something that I have learned is very important that most people do not know to prepare for is how to practice mindfulness. With all the stresses of entering adulthood, I have found certain mindfulness practices to be most helpful in putting aside time for myself.

  1. Journaling: this might be partially because I am a journalism major, but I recently turned back to journaling as an outlet for practicing mindfulness. When 2020 turned to shambles, I found solace with a pen and a paper.
  2. Meditation: a lot of people think meditating seems weird, but it is actually very normal and can help start or end your day on a calmer, happier note! Meditating does not have to be sitting in silence saying “om,” but there are a lot of apps and resources to help you find your comfort in meditation.

Practicing these two mindfulness techniques have really helped me manage stress and just be able to take a moment to myself. I advise all incoming college students to implement one or both of these activities into your new schedule in order to really stay on top of your mental wellbeing!

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