Duo Mobile Makes Life Easy

The Duo Mobile App is essential to logging into any of your UW-Net accounts. Having this app not only makes logging into anything UW-Madison related quicker than getting a new six-digit passcode, but it will simply become second nature.

Once you set up the app with your smartphone – IOS device, Android, Windows phone all work – and then incorporate your account details then you have an easy way to get notifications every time you log in. These notifications require you to click one check marked box to ensure that it is you that is logging into your individual account.

We know it’s such a pain and hassle to have to do two factor verification, but in the long run it does greatly help make sure your accounts and information are staying private! This second layer of security truly does make a difference and is engrained in our system now so we have to use it – might as well make it as convenient to your life as you can with the simple clicks of a button via the app!

Duo Mobile is an app that will only make your life easier as a student here. Enjoy it!

DUO - Setup Smartphone Device | Claremont McKenna College

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