Being a Transfer Student: What it’s Really Like

Going to college, you are filled with a mixture of emotions; excitement, stress, anxiety, and happiness. You wonder about what dorm you’ll get, what friends you’ll make, the classes you’ll take and all of the new experiences. For me, my college experience might be a little different than others, because I was a transfer student. I started off going to a private college that has an undergraduate enrollment of under 2,000. Being there met my expectations because it gave me the opportunity to meet so many new friends, it allowed me to enjoy my classes and professors, but it just didn’t completely feel like my home. After my first semester, I realized that they also didn’t have the major I was interested in, so I started looking into transferring to UW-Madison. My expectation going to my first college, Edgewood College, was that I was going to stay here for all of my 4 years. But that soon changed. In reality, transferring to a different college was both challenging yet one of the best things I ever did.

As a student at UW-Madison, I feel complete, but making the transition was a little more challenging than I expected. It was far different from my expectations because I thought that the classes were going to be so much harder. I remember on my first day of class here, I was so intimidated. Going from a class with 10 people to over 100 was a big change. But, eventually I grew to like it and I was more comfortable here. Now, I am happier than ever and have been welcomed to UW-Madison with open arms. Although my experience as a transfer student was different, it has made me who I am and taught me how to manage change. I am so proud that I am now a badger and have loved my college life here.

On, Wisconsin!

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