“Adulting” Skills that are Necessary for Success in College

When you first enter college one of the first things you will realize is how much independence you have. There are no more parents to tell you what to do, no more siblings to boss you around, and no rules. However, this independence comes with responsibility. In order to be responsible and properly take care of yourself in college, it is important to learn these skills! 

  1. Learn how to cook. 

There is nothing worse than not being able to cook a good and healthy meal for yourself in college. So ask your mom or dad to share some recipes with you and get your hands dirty in the kitchen. 

  1. Learn how to properly clean and do laundry.

Having a clean and organized living space is something that fuels success. When you come home to a messy space it can be frustrating and make you less productive. It’s important to know how to keep your space clean and know how to do your laundry.  

  1. Know how to manage and be responsible about money. 

When you first get to college you will notice that you will have to start providing for yourself. This means buying groceries, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, etc. This can get pricey. Knowing how to budget and spend your money wisely will make your life easier and allow you to spend more money on going out with friends. 

By learning some of these adult skills before you head off to college it will make your transition into college much smoother! So take some time this summer to learn some of these skills and you will have a great transition into your college experience. 

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