“Adulting” in Your Freshman Year: 2 Tips

The transitional period that occurs for many students entering their Freshman year of college can be invigorating and exciting. After all, for some this period involve intakes in responsibility and independence. However, this period may also come with its own difficulties and new-found challenges. Because of this, I am providing two tips that at least academically, helped me in my Freshman year.

1. Finding Your Classrooms Early

While this may seem at least a bit obvious, I still think it is very important to familiarize yourself with where you will be taking your classes beforehand. Look at it this way, there are many variables that could make finding a classroom difficult on the first day of a semester. You might be unfamiliar with the layout of a building, accidentally running late, or not very good at reading the building maps on the inside of campus buildings if you’re somewhat clumsy like me. By tracking down you’re classrooms beforehand a lot of the margin for error is cut down as you know exactly where you’re going.

2. Studying and Due Dates

Before I get into this subject I must disclaim that what works for me may not necessarily work for you, everyone in college is on a completely different schedule and however you choose to handle studying in that schedule is completely valid. That being said, I think one tip that I could give here that should have a wide reach are, keep a close eye of quiz, project, exam, etc, dates. You will not want to be caught off-guard for any of these so it would be advantageous to always take a look at these dates if a classes’ syllabus supplies them.

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